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Most companies aim to improve productivity & profit but don’t  realise that tracking time & attendance could save them thousands, a simple but often overlooked area. The benefits of tracking your employee’s time & attendance is blatantly obvious but so many companies still choose to overlook this valuable asset.

Tracking time & attendance ensures that your employees are only paid for the hours they have worked. Compared to the traditional method of companies relying on hourly wages etc, time and attendance software removes the possibility of overpaying staff. If an employee is  5 minutes late, this seems minimal, but it adds up.

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Time and attendance software allows employers to track  employee  work days,  the department in which they work, break times, annual leave & sick days. It is an integral part of the workplace and allows for better workforce management. This software is necessary to collect valuable information for payroll & fire role call in case of emergencies.

Automated time & attendance systems are more accurate & less time consuming  than manual time & attendance systems.With a variety of tracking methods available, magnetic stripe cards, electronic tags, barcodes & biometrics. Employees then log their working hours at the start/end of each day. The information is then automatically uploaded to a HR system. This information can be used to generate time sheets & payroll information, significantly lowering the risk of errors & over payment.


  • Accurate Collection of Data
  • Employee Accountability
  • Multitude of Tracking Methods
  • Decrease in Overpaid Wages
  • Increases Productivity
  • Improves Time Management

Tracking Methods:

  • Land-line Clocking
  • PC Based Clocking
  • Mobile Clocking
  • Text Alert Clocking
  • Desktop Biometric Reader
  • Employee Time Clock