Human Resources


Tensor Personnel provides you with the power to manage all of your employee information in one place. Tensor Personnel can be installed as an add-on module to your Tensor.NET Time and Attendance system or alternatively it can be installed as a standalone solution.Tracking of employment history, performance appraisals, and health and safety are just some of the things you can manage. And if linked to your Tensor.NET Time and Attendance system, all absences are updated immediately to give you an on-demand attendance calendar.


The following information can be recorded offering comprehensive reports on:

  • Accident History
  • Appraisals
  • Basic Details
  • Medical Benefits
  • Employee Loans
  • PAYE schemes
  • Issue of Company Equipment
  • Contract History
  • Correspondence History
  • Course Attendance
  • CRB Check Results
  • Disciplinary Issues
  • Driving Licence Details
  • Educational History
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Employment Details
  • Exit Interview Results
  • Bank Account Details
  • Language Skills
  • Medical Health Records
  • Pension Scheme Details
  • Probation Record
  • Professional Institute Memberships
  • Qualifications
  • Salary Details
  • Skills Required
  • Supervisor Reviews
  • Work Permit Details

Employee Self Service Module

The Self Service Module when used with Tensor Personnel will allow the employee to access personal & confidential HR information held about them on the Tensor.NET database. All information relating to basic personal details such as the person’s address, their marital status and other contact information can be displayed and amended. Likewise, emergency contact entries can be added or changed as well as financial account numbers. Any changes to personal information must be approved and authorised by the person’s Manager before the system is updated.

Document Scanning and Retrieval

HR records within Tensor Personnel are not limited to the input data. The majority of HR input screens allow for the inclusion of scanned documentation. In this way, scanned copies of driving licenses, safety certificates, work permits or visas can be available for viewing at a click of a button.


A step-by-step wizard guides users through each stage of the report design process, providing control over which sets of data are reported upon, the order and contents of report columns, the report selection criteria and the report ordering requirements. Items such as the font and page properties can also be customised further.

Screen Designer

Tensor Personnel includes a powerful Screen Designer facility. The Screen Designer can be used to create an unlimited number of extra input forms and database tables to store the new information. The new dialogue screens will be merged seamlessly into existing forms.

Training Records

The management of employee training is a key component of Tensor Personnel. The Course Planner is where employees are booked onto course sessions to obtain skills that they require to perform their duties. Individual employee training records are updated automatically as courses are completed, along with qualifications / certification earned.