Smart Cards

Smart-Cards_01Contactless proximity smart cards are used to operate our proximity based time and attendance systems.

All Tensor smart cards and key fobs use the same well-proven and reliable RF (Radio Frequency) reading technology. This gives a consistent read range which is unaffected by most external conditions. Our cards are approximately the size of a standard credit card and are thin and flexible enough to be carried in your wallet.

How contactless proximity smart cards work

Each smart card reader transmits a 125 KHz frequency field (the electromagnetic field), which is picked up by an aerial in the smart card. The reader has two read bands within this field; an inner and outer band, and these are controlled and rapidly oscillated by the readers on-board microprocessor.

The smart card microchip, is a passive device which holds a unique factory encoded ID number that cannot be duplicated, making it very secure indeed. As a smart card enters the reader’s electromagnetic field, it is automatically activated by the field’s energy.

Smart Card Integrity

Smart-Cards_02With up to 34 billion different combinations of ID number, there is no chance of duplication. In addition, each ID number has built-in security and integrity checks ensuring that it cannot be misread.

A cross-reference list correlating the external printed card number and the programmed ID number is also provided, for easy system administration.

In addition, Tensor can also provide contactless proximity smart card software, which gives you an easy way to professionally produce your own ID cards.

Key Features

  • Supported card formats include EM, HID Prox™, HID iClass™, MiFare™, and DesFire™.
  • No battery, thus infinite life, and can be read an infinite number of times.
  • Factory encoded ID code cannot be duplicate, therefore very secure.
  • Adhesive labels for photo and company logo.
  • Size of a standard credit card (thin and flexible enough to be carried in your wallet).