Why choose Tripwire?

At Tripwire, we believe that customers shouldn’t have to trade functionality for simplicity. And they shouldn't have to compromise their expectations for great service. They should be able to control labour costs, minimise compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity – all at the same time.

If you want to reap the benefits of an optimised workforce, call Tripwire. Why Tripwire? Because we’ve delivered tangible results to organisations of all sizes nationwide. Because we’ve helped them control labour costs, reduce compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity. And because as the industry leader, pace-setter, and game-changer in delivering workforce management services, we will always continue to deliver exceptional value to our customers.


  1. 1
    Complete Solution

    We engineer fully integrated solutions to eliminate error-prone manual processes. Our solutions are configurable so they’re easy to implement, scale, and maintain.

  2. 2
    High-Quality Information

    We deliver real-time access to detailed information – the kind of information managers need to make better decisions.

  3. 3
    Easy To Own

    We get you up and running fast so you can start saving money sooner. And our solutions are easy to use; more than 35 million people use a Tensor system every day.

  4. 4
    The Experience You Expect

    We deliver what you’re looking for in a service provider. The expertise to provide you with a strong start for early success, continuous value throughout our partnership, and innovative and educational ways to help you work smarter.

  5. 5
    Post Installation Support

    All of our systems come with 3 months free software support following which a maintenance contract is available for support of both hardware and software, and we offer a range of options allowing you to tailor your support package to your own requirements. Our Helpdesk is also on-hand to offer advice and guidance on any technical issues you may have with your systems or software.

    Unlike many other companies who provide similar systems, we support all of our products in-house, so you can get instant feedback and action to your support requirement.

    Support Key Benefits

    • global engineering support
    • remote modem support for immediate diagnosis and fault resolution
    • telephone helpdesk hotline support and advice
    • professional manuals for all products
    • constantly updated online support
    • rapid response via email or FTP